Is Bernanke a criminal?

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  1. All comments are so negative today.
    Yahoo, bloomberg, fortune
    Everyone is negative
    The only positive is Cramer

    Add what Bernanke did on options expirations day

    He must've been charged or at least fired

    Read below
    it's published at yahoo finance bonds section

    The "moral hazard" aspect of yesterday's rate cuts is getting play with Bloomberg reporting on a harsh piece form RBS Group, that notes "Ultimately, the Fed is going to have to raise rates significantly at some point in the next year or so to try & kill off inflation" leading to "a much deeper & more painful debt-induced deflationary bust...This is all about giving Wall Street & friends another 'Get Out of Jail Free' card. Its all about re-greasing the Wall Street printing press, about validating reckless behavior, & about saying a big 'Up Yours' to the consequences."

  2. The "Federal Reserve" is a private organization owned by private bankers using the government as a facade. There will always be a generational depression to buy up the economy at the lows from which the next generation of private bankers can leech off. Why would a government allow private bankers to print the currency? well thats a whole another story.
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    Inflation was a worry since I can't recall when... it never has happened much in the last couple of decades and personally, I don't expect much of it for the next decade either..
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    Inflation has been tamed by [sic] globalization. If the US becomes a net exporter, well, then things change.
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    interesting, they sh put u in ben's job
  6. net exporter of what? porn and meth addicts?
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    LOL, daddyeaux. But don't forget about the biggest U.S. export of all: worthless paper(U.S. Treasury bills). :D
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    Oh, and also, don't forget about the next biggest U.S. export: American jobs. LOL :D
  9. We also do a nice job of manufacturing of weapons of war, we export those for sure.
  10. Gangsta rappers?
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