Is Barney Frank Gay?

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  1. I heard he is gay, I never knew that.
  2. No he's straight. He was dating Gisele Bündchen a couple of years back and after their break up she met Tom Brady.
  3. He's gayer than a 2 dollar bill.
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    Whats up partner, I responded to you in another thread. if you want pm me
  5. And before that, it was Heidi Klum right after she broke up with Flavio Briatorre and before she met Seal.
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    I think the following question is appropriate. " Is a pigs ass pork?"
  7. You guys must be younger than springtime not to know that.

    He's gay.
  8. How could you have missed the news about Barney Frank's paid male escort running a male hooker ring out of Barney Frank's apartment.

    "Back in 1985, Frank had engaged the services of a male escort named Stephen Gobie, who had advertised his "hot bottom" in a personal ad. Over the next two years, while Frank was trying to decide whether to come out, he and Gobie carried on a clandestine affair, during which time Frank hired Gobie as a driver despite knowing Gobie was on probation for drug possession and for possession of child pornography. Frank used his House privileges to fix Gobie's parking tickets. He wrote a memo trying to clear Gobie from probation that was disingenuous at best and an outright deception at worst. Gobie repaid Frank by running a prostitution service out of Frank's Capitol Hill apartment. When Frank discovered this, he fired Gobie and ended their relationship. Then, in 1989, just two years after Frank's announcement that he was gay, Gobie told his story to the conservative Washington Times."
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    Yes he is, and if he's not he should be.
  10. That stuff on his chin ain't mayo.:eek: :eek: :eek:
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