Is bailout that urgent? !!!

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    No. I don't think so. Otherwise the house would not have gone on vacation for two days till Thursday because of Jewish Holidays !!. They have a history of working on Chirstmas or new year but not on Jewish Holidays.
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    That's a BIG question...

    Was it a coincidence the bailout proposal came just a few days before Congress was scheduled to close the session? Wouldn't such timing increase the likelihood of "rushed acceptance"... without thorough scrutiny... of whatever was put before them?

    "There is no such thing as coincidence"... Jethro Gibbs.

    Wake UP America! Are we all so gullible?
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    Yea Im sure if they were worried they wouldnt have taken the 2 day holiday. They brought in the PPT today to help keep the markets up before they decide on this bailout plan.
  5. Of course it was orchestrated .
    Shameless attempt to steal more and secure hefty bribes( employement, speech fees , consultant position for the kids etc, etc )on the way out for that pos Paulson, Bernanke , Bush and other vultures .
    On the second question, Yes people are that stupid . Amazing..
  6. sure tells you what's more sacred

    the taxpayer's wallet, or a Jewish holiday
  7. The amount of effort the government is using to get this thing passed is making me even more worried about what it will accomplish.

    There is a major brainwashing going on in the media today to get people to support this thing.
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    Armageddon supposed to happen yesterday. I don't see alien landing, meteor failing or continent parting...

    I do see all media shouting :

    Market up : people expect a bail out
    Market down : people disappoint because there is no bail out.

    Hey. win-win either way.
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