Is AUY making a move?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cactiman, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Nice spurt up on strong volume yesterday in both Gold and the Miners.
    AUY looking good, breaking out above its 50 day MA.
    I think the bottom is in at 8.55 and there's not too much resistance up above until 14+.

    Debt: 10%
    PE: 13
    52-week Range: 8.55 - 20.59

    Bought 1 AUY Jan 2015 10 CALL today @2.98, with AUY at 11.12.
  2. $GOLD broke through 1300 resistance yesterday, and closed above the 50 day MA today.
  3. $GOLD hit a high of 1923.70 on 09/06/11.
    Is the -38.69% fall over 21+ months, to a low of 1179.40 on June 28th, the end of the correction?
  4. AUY still holding above its 50 day MA.
    Earnings announced tomorrow after the close...
  5. I think the bottom for gold was in on June 28th at 1179.90.
    1300 Resistance now looking like Support...

  6. Been a rough time since the Earnings Announcement on July 31st, with AUY falling from 10.50 down to 8.91 (-15.14%) over just a few days.
    But the June 26th low of 8.55 is still in as the bottom.
    Bouncing back nicely today, along with the other Miners, plus Gold and Silver.
    Waiting to see if AUY can get back above its 50 day MA...
  7. AUY Update: NEW UPTREND Confirmed!

    June 26th: In a Downtrend since a High of 20.28 on 11/09/12, AUY posts a Low of 8.55.
    July 23rd: AUY posts a Downtrend Lower High of 11.45.
    August 7th: After a Pullback, AUY posts a Higher Low of 8.91.
    August 15th: On very strong volume, AUY takes out the 7 month Downtrend Lower High of 11.45, hitting a NEW UPTREND Higher High of 11.49 intraday, and closing at 11.47.
  8. AUY (June 26, 2013 - August 23, 2013) Uptrend:

    19 day Rally: 8.55 Low to 11.45 High = +33.92%
    12 day Pullback: 11.45 High to 8.91 Higher Low = -22.18%

    13 day Rally: 8.91 Higher Low to 12.13 Higher High = +36.14%