Is arbitrage really risk-free?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by 0008, Nov 29, 2002.

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    Near every text book says arbitrage is risk-free. If it was true, why didn't all the institutions trade on it and never had any loss?
  2. because the spreads are gettin smaller and smaller and have been gettin even more smaller since the decimalisation.
    further the institutions still do arbitrage (futs vs. cash) but as you can imagine they´- like all the other big players - use computers for it.
  3. No; your primary risk is execution, with a little event risk thrown in ...
  4. ...then there's the risk of an options exchange breaking trades i right or am i right, metooxx? :D
  5. All the time; or not honoring posted prices ...
  6. <font size=1>-- tom petty</font>
  7. No
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    Metooxx, when you say event risk do you mean IT failures...?
  9. That is execution risk to me.

    Event risk would be an arb that you hit and your exit isn't honored and the underlying is ripping against your position.

    And they won't let you out for anything ...
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    do they not let you out by continually not honoring their prices and basically just running you? i know there's some complaint process you can go through to try and get reimbursal, probably doesn't work though, but was wondering if you have tried that route before and if anything came of it.
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