is anything possible in the universe?

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  1. i know this is a weirdo post, but sometimes i think about this:

    even in our miniscule existence (look up carl sagan's cosmic calendar), we have made a lot of advancements. would you argue that there is a point where it is no longer possible to make advancements? could you say that given enough time, anything might be possible? imagine what would be possible if humans were continuously alive since the beginning of even just our solar system.


    notice the "1 second before of christopher columbus." OUR LIVES LAST A FREAKING INSTANT.
  2. you beleive that UFO's or other 'alien life forms' have visited this planet? if so the technology they possess must be mind boggling compared to what we think we have...but besides our government and Harry trader, nobody else knows if they have ever been here
  3. lol@harrytrader

    although i think the universe is full of life, no, i don't think aliens have visited least while humans have been here.
  4. here is something to think about....

    it is believed that the earth is relatively young compared to other parts of the universe. so if you believe aliens exist, there are probably some that have been around a lot longer than us.
  5. Gordon,

    I would argue anything is possible in this universe. If you look at subjective reality, then at some point it will be possible to stick a cable inside our brains and create our own reality, complete with whatever we want.

    We could run these machines off solar power and feed ourselves intravenously while we construct our own world inside a computer and live them out in the matrix inside our head.

  6. this was my point in another thread..we actually know so little about our universe.....say for arguments sake an alien has been here.....think of the technology necassary to accomplish that? Its not only beyond our realm.....but I beleive could be outside the laws of physics as we know them..
  7. i've thought about something similar. think of like the matrix/total recall.

    would you rather live a life that is not real, but is fantastic and indistinguishable from reality....or live in reality with probably a not so fantastic life?
  8. i doubt earth has been visited by any aliens. the distances are too vast and earth too small. a visitation is highly improbable. vast distances is a problem very very difficult to overcome [if not impossible]..


  9. your thinking like an earthling.....:D
  10. Oh, so now you know all there is to know about travel through space?

    Better put you could say:

    "Based on my current understanding, which is limited of course, I don't believe that kind of travel could occur."

    Just another in a long line of beliefs without proof that people accept as fact.

    Your sense of "improbable" is based on what you know. Five hundred years ago people thought differently. Five hundred years from now, people will likely think differently still.

    When will the realization dawn that for all we think we know, our knowledge is extremely limited in nature.

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