Is anything a "buy right now"?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by johnwifi, Mar 14, 2008.

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    In 2000-2002, sure, there were plenty of stocks that were buys right now despite other stocks/indexes that were plunging.

    I've just gone through several charts of indexes and ETFs today. If anything is a buy right now, I can't see it. The only glimmer of hope is that you can say the SPY made a double bottom a few days ago....but what will happen next when BSC goes to zero as it announces bankruptcy??? Then what about other large companies like the airlines that sit out there under camouflage ready to announce a bankruptcy at the next gasp of Charlie Gasperino???? Are more brokers and other large financial institutions out there ready to announce yet more bad news?

    The next question is when will those homebuilders finally capitulate and go bankrupt over the horrible housing market.

    Oh, the last few months did not look nice, but I believe its about to get worse, much worse.

    For all the stoned hopesters who dream of spiderman and superman, you have your double bottom. For us realsters, the S&P is going to 1150 as the next stop with a few key companies like Bear Stearns and American Airlines getting taken out in the process and hundreds of thousands of americans get laid off and back into the streets with them...

    Whooaaa the pain. Whoaaa the pain.
  2. visa ipo is a buy
  3. i am looking at citi bank and merill and GS right now and even Amazon the future of online business

  4. NEGATIVE SENTIMENT IS BULLISH FOR STOCKS. Vix at 31.6 and massive shorts interest on NYSE and NASDAQ is a cocktail mixture ready to explode on a Fed rate cut.

    But do not get mistaken by few days of bullish candles. Bears will be out the cages attacking every stock and every instrument with renewed revenge. Signs of insecurity, pathetic hopelessness and huge pessimism and doom and gloom.
  5. and you try and pass off as a trader??? really?? who do you think is buying this????? from you ???? your parents???? really??? seriously who do YOU expect to LIE to???? you are a frigging joke