Is anyone will to share a with me a strategy that used to work but doesn't

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  1. Well actually I'd love to know a strategy that worked and continues to work, but I don't think that's gonna happen.

    But if you have a strategy that worked, but just isn't profitable anymore, shoot me a PM. Throughout the year I have figured out several edges that might be able to be applied to your dead strategy to make it profitable again.

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    Nearly all in the top 25 are extreme dip buyers, but there are plenty of working systems there on the WL website, many that still work. There are also many books which disclose working systems, ones by Thomas Stridsman and Pruitt/Hill come to mind. Do they work all the time on all markets? NO! But they do work, or at least variations on them work quite well.
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    buy and hold ... :)
  6. is there a similar list for Short only strats?
  7. Sure - here's a simple one. Go back to the 70's in commodities, and buy 20 day highs and sell 20 day lows. You would have made a killing.

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  9. Read my initial threads. There is a super strategy in there that no longer works. If it starts working again let me know.