Is anyone watching Kudlow bash Ford on CNBC?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by seasideheights, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Turn on his 5pm show. The guy just died. Why smash him with what Kuldow considers to be a different way of doing things. It's pretty disgusting, in my opinion.
  2. hels02


    How can ANYONE bash Ford when our current President is the worst we've had in our entire history?
  3. Kudlow is one one of the biggest POS's in media.

    I'm so sick of his dogma and contrived cheerleading. The guy is as close minded as they come.

    Although I'm not wishing for it, when the next correction hits, I'm sending him a postcard depicting Goldilocks getting mugged.
  4. Agreed - This guy is the worst.
  5. I agree.

    Now, the NYSE may not even close, as it has traditionally for the death of a President.
  6. How bad must kudlow be to run off a gas bag like cramer? How much more bush cock can he suck is anybodys guess.
  7. Regardless of what Kudlow says on his show. A fair comparison of them at almost the same age exists below. Bush butt-boy Kudlow doesn't’t stand a chance.

    Ford was a President and before that he was a Congressman...back when that was a honorable profession. Before that he was an All-American lineman for Michigan. He fucked up by pardoning the douche bag Nixon.

    Kudlow....on the other hand was a coke head and Bourbon lover (not that there's much wrong with that …but NOT during working hours) while he was in the Reagan Admin…. and also while at Bear Sterns. Before that he played Tennis at Princeton. He fucked up by pissing away a 1mil per year job being too fucked up to give a speech to a bunch of institutional Bear customers…..all for the love of cocaine.