Is anyone using Fapturbo?

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by mioumiou, Nov 25, 2008.

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    Trying to find someone real who is using this robot. All I see online are affiliates trying to sell the system for $97. This smells of scam to me. Any comments?
  2. How old r u? If over 30 i say this in the most respectful way, get out of this business. If u dont want to get out of this business, stop all live trading and study study study. If you were smart you would listen to me and if you smart you would not listen to me. Life is confusing but success is not a free lunch.
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    With all due respect. Trading is not a business for me, just a hobby on the side. I asked a simple question, that's all. And, I've been trading and investing for a very long time.
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    keep your money!

    i will admit to a time of stupidity and buying that POS....i did ask for & recieve a refund from clickbank...

    if you buy it, you will be placed on multiple solicitation lists from brokers to website selling to MLM, to all manner of schemes

    it took me about 6 months to get off the lists...and the EA is not worth your time....DO NOT follow in my footsteps...change direction NOW!
  5. Harre


    So far quite simply brilliant! I've used it for 2 weeks now and over 7 trading days I've got 50 trades, 48 of them winners. Last night I got hit by a stop loss and it still ended up a profitable night.

    The best evidence of the profitability is that several brokers have banned it! ODL are closing peoples accounts left right and center, citing un-ethical trading :-D Only losing traders welcome I guess.
    Also avoid IBFX if you should go ahead and try this software as they are now actively manipulating spreads and give re-quotes galore during the trading hours for FAPT.

    I recommend FXPro who have been great so far with low spreads and no funny quotes.

    AVOID the long term strategy of this robot. Even the developers themselves admit it's not advisable unless you have a large account and can live with fairly large draw downs. The scalper on all 4 currency pairs however is superb! Look past all the bs marketing which screams SCAM and simply give it a go. Use a decent broker and you'll have made your money back in a day or two. The scalpers stop losses are not too high to handle even though they might sound scary at between 40 and 90 pips but they're just there as a safety net.

    So far I'm up 255 pips and my small little 500 buck account has grown to about 750.

    The forexautopilotforum is a reasonable place to start if you want to avoid the bs and affiliate junk that swamps any google search.
  6. This seems to be working, now just about doubled my small account in less than a month. I'm pretty happy but don't expect to get rich any time soon.
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    ever consider the possibility that you might get answers from people who promote/sell this program themselves?

    successful traders KNOW how to trade. they don't just buy an off the shelf EA.

    the FX market will destroy anyone who doesn't know what they are doing. save your money, you have a lot to learn before opening a real account.
  8. I smell a rat...If you started with $500 and double the account for 12 months that would give you roughly $1,024,000...and yet you state "but don't expect to get rich any time soon"
  9. Yes my compulsive friend, there is a rather large hairy rat with a long tail and nasty, sharp teeth. It's called experience and in mine this rate of growth is achievable at low amounts but not repeatable once the account balance increases.

    I hope I'm wrong!
  10. Interesting response yubitsu. For me, the purpose of trading is profit. I don't care if that profit is a result of an EA or if it is the result of years of honing the art of trading. Oddly, the people that I buy products and services from agree with me in that they don't care where my money comes from either.

    As it is, I manage to do a little of both.
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