Is anyone using Divergence successfully?

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  1. Is anyone using divergence successfully? RSI divergence, MACD div etc? Just curious because I'm backtesting divergence strategies and so far I like what I see.
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    I'm sure many here would be curious to hear how you are "backtesting" this typically discretionary strategy. When I say backtesting, I mean the generally accepted notion that backtesting involves mechanical (computerized) testing over a historical data-set.
  3. welcome to the grail thread on divergence et al.

    3 decades of real time diverge trading.



  4. I'm backtesting manually. Meaning my eyes are looking at the chart and I'm manually drawing trendlines on the chart on each bactesting day.
  5. get your head wrapped around zero lag diverge and the cross over.


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    You keeping statistical results and what type of stats you keeping ?

    Also, what type of divergence you've been manually backtesting beyond RSI and MACD ?

    In addition, what trading instruments you're manually backtesting divergence ?
  7. dt short diverged to the 4.2


  8. one legger diverged to the 4.2


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    A divergence means the price and indicator are diverging. What you showed isn't a divergence.
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    Divergence doesn't work all the time.
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