is anyone using a system that works profitably after hours?

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  1. The only thing I haven't tried is a system that trades ES afterhours. Are there any benefits to this period?
  2. Yea, after the regular market shuts down, you get EXTRA TIME to trade.
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    You also haven’t tried using your brain.
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    Better to wait for Bund and Dax.
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    With this level of volatility, price is action is very easy to read. RTH and AH
  6. Exactly, if you're not winning 95% of the time you're doing it wrong. Just ask any of the many 'very easy' types here on ET for help.
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    there is a life besides trading, man
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    If one can't find a dozen or so trades a day in this environment for 2-3 ES points while risking half that much, they best step back from the monitor and reevaluate.
  9. Your vague statements are making me want to subscribe to your newsletter. Teach us more, wise guru.
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    No newsletter, no subscription.

    Day time frame is down, capiche?
    Pull up 1M chart looking for a location to go short, capiche?
    Below swing high 1M candle might be a good spot, capiche.

    All free, all common sense.
    Now go trade.

    1st 90 minutes from today ES Today.JPG
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