Is anyone trading the Nikkei 225 Mini?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Schaefer, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Schaefer


    Hi, I'm talking about the Nikkei 225 Mini on the Osaka exchange.

    I've been trading the Euro futures during the European market hours, but my work schedule has changed, and I'm looking for an alternative to trade during the late evening hours.

    Hang Seng, the regular Nikkei225, and the one via Singapore exchange has too high a margin for my piker account. The Nikkei mini however has pretty low margins, and seems to suit my small account just fine.

    If anyone has any experience with it, please chime in :)

  2. I havent. But have a look at SPI (aus) and STW (Taiwan futures on Singapore Futures Exchange) and SGXNK as well.
  3. def

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    trades the same as the other N225 contracts with good liquidity. Speed on SGX is slightly better but OSE is fine to trade.
  4. Hi Schaefer;

    I feel the same. The NK-mini is the appropriate instrument for me too!

    I researched this about 6 months ago. At that time, the only US broker offering the instrument was IB. I don't trade through IB so I have no experience trading it however.

    Recent, although un-focused info gathering offers nothing new... IB remains the only US brokerage providing access. But there is alot of "chatter" out there regarding the addition of international futures instruments/exchanges. The conventional school seems to be hinged on the CME/CBOT merger which will require various upgrades for clearing. While upgrading, some clearing FCMs will add international offerings which will ultimately make it to lowly retails. Or at least to me, a lowly non-IB retail. :p

    I'll be following this thread for insight provided by others.

    Good trading to you.
    Osorico :)

    BTW: You may want to look at FESX (DJ Euro Stoxx 50) for overnight hours. More liquidity than ES, a tick increment like YM, reasonable margin (there's even Intraday differential at many firms), and it's widely available. :D
  5. ml77


    I am looking for an interesting asian index future too. The best would be if it was as great as the Dax :D.
    What is the best one ? SGXNK ?
  6. So what type of strategies did you use to trade Eurex that you are now going to use in the Asian markets?
  7. Schaefer


    Thanks for everyone who have replied. Here's a snap shot of the N225 Mini. There's plenty of liquidity there, and she moves :D

    Kiwi: I'll check the trading hours, and the associated margins for all of them. I'm looking to trade between 8pm thru 1 to 2am (Eastern time).

    Def: Thanks for the reply, a quick question on the N225 Mini on OSE. According to the contract specifications, value per tick is 500 Yen. And it moves in 5 tick increments. So each move is 2500 Yen. Is that correct?

    Thanks in advance,
  8. The multiplier is only 100 ... isnt that 500 yen per tick?
  9. Schaefer


    Hey, Oso, how are ya? Thanks for the suggestions. As of right now, I'm going to have to stay away from the European market hours. I'm looking more at the Asian market hours (8pm to 2am, Eastern time).

    And N225 Mini seems to be the ticket. It starts at 8pm, stops for lunch at 10pm, restarts at 11:30pm, and closes at 2:10am.

    I hope your broker gets access to the Asian markets soon, so we can trade together in the evenings :)

  10. no. 22

    no. 22

    N225 mini is 500 yen/tick.
    Singapore is 2500/tick.
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