Is anyone tired of seeing pink every week in the NFL?

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  1. I mean, sure nobody wants anyone to have breast cancer or any cancer for that matter. We all as humans feel compasion for anyone with a serious illness.

    Having said that, why has pink taken over pro sports? (pink bats in baseball, pink cleats, pink hats, pink jerseys,) its like every other week you see the shit on the field.

    Why has breast cancer awareness monopolized sports?

    Call me insensitive, but its gotten to be pretty stupid imo. Most women dont even watch sports so I truly dont get it. Why not prostate cancer awareness? Seeing as thought this would be more appropriate in sports?
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    What color ribbon you recommend for that?
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    All cancer deaths 2011
    Male................ 300,430
    Female............ 271,520

    yes I'm very tired of pink!
  6. Advertisements for douche and feminine itch products are annoying too. Almost more annoying than the ads for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. :( :mad:
  7. I hear what you are saying. I won't waste life to misinterpert it. I agree. Thank you for saying it. I will say nothing wrong, other than it is a commercial organization trying to capitalize on a non profit. That is where my issue comes in, but if it actaully advances research, go for it. At the same time, I am sickened by for profits seeing a dollar value to endorsing non profits. I guess you have to evaluate who comes out better in the long run.
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    Yeah, but the bra commercials aren't too bad.
  9. If you think non-profits are really non-profits, then you dont understand Merica.
  10. Yep, uh long as it's not those "plus size" chicks. :D
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