Is Anyone Sure Obama Isn't Gay?

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    Did this Love guy do sleep overs with Obama? This kind of reminds me of Michael Jackson and his sleep over child friends. Nothing odd with that either, right?

    President Obama's former shadow, so-called body man Reggie Love, now has a new job in the spotlight: promoting his former boss's re-election campaign....

    Love speaks from experience. Even more than Michelle Obama, it has been Love who has spent the most time with the president. That's because Love was known as the "body man," the aide who works with, plays with, and sticks like glue to the president, ready to handle any task or request.

    "As the president's body man for the last four years, it's been my privilege to help him with whatever he needs: making sure he's on time, finding some food when we're on the road, or playing a quick game of basketball (he won, mostly). Of course, this also means I've also eaten many, many meals with him," he writes.
  2. So The President having a personal assistant and Micheal Jackson molesting kids is the same to you :confused:
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    Every President has a body man. pspr must be gay himself for this type of thread to even occur to him.
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    Usually Lucrum is the weirdo thinking and posting about Obama's sex life
  5. omg...why not? it's liberty!
    the mayor of Berlin is a gay... In Germany, the country with great history, a gay rules the capital.
    It's a trend that was started by fcng liberals. They care about rights of different small groups and made it a trend.
    I had a thought that next president of the USA would be yellow transvestite with parents ¹1 and ¹2
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    Max E.

    Only one way to be sure, you should go to his next speech and midway through stand up and drop your pants and bend over. If he takes the bait he is a homo, if the secret service rushes you and throws you in jail he is straight.
  7. Barry's eyes light up when offered a schnitzengruben.


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    Kinda like IQ47's gay mayor threads, in the same day?
  10. the mayor himself said , he is gay. . . . . luke. :( .
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