is anyone read these books?

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  2. Jeff Cooper's book is only $100 and can be bought for less if you buy it used. It is relatively inexpensive compared to much of 'literature' of the same genre out there. It is a good book, but I would rather check it out from a local library than to buy it for $100. Or you can buy it from and return within 30 days if you do not like it. You pay only s/h this way. The other book seems to be overpriced to me, but I don't know it, so cannot comment on it.
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    Before I read those two books I was just a marginal trader. When I wised up and started putting out the bucks for training is when i knew I could make a living trading. Jeff Coopers book was the first decent book I purchased. Followed by Laurence Connors. I think the Street Smarts book is getting kinda dated. Try his Advanced Trading Strategies book. You're not gonna get the better trading books off the shelf at B&N and Borders. The best list of trading books is at
  5. Both these books are good and worth the price. There are lot of good trading strategies.
    But the most important thing one can learn from them is how to develop a good trading strategy- stock selection, entry rules and exit rules. The books are more suitable for swing trading than day trading.
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    Four [4] books by Jack Schwager [3 stocks & TA] ;& Dr. Van Tharp Top the list. Read Alan Farley . CheckClick on the word ''books'' top of elite

    Bulls,Bears & Millionaires by Robert Koppel up there also.

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    There are several ways of obtaining these books without spending much, if anything.

    The first is interlibrary loan.

    The second is eBay. The current bid for "Hit & Run Trading", for example, is $33.

    The third is to buy the book either new or used at Amazon, read it, then sell it back to Amazon or through eBay when finished.

    I certainly wouldn't buy a book such as Farley's without reading it first.

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    -Heart of Darkness,
    -Story of Job,
    -The Brothers Karamozov (at least the grand
    inquisitor chapter),
    -Beyond Good and Evil,
    -100 Years of Solitude,
    -An Arrow's Flight
  9. I found this site which lends trading book all you have to do is pay shipping and you can keep the book for 35 days. A good alternative to buying books.
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    What's in it for them?

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