Is anyone out there running an automated FX program?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Polon, Mar 8, 2007.

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    Right long story short, i am happy with easylanguage and have programed several strategies in it which i am happy with.

    however, the morons there failed to mention to me that they dont automate Forex! Also to be fair i failed to check their website throughly!

    Nevermind. Basically i would be very grateful to hear what other people are using to automate their fx strategies. for instance there are options of using TS + OATS + Oanda or TS + Tradebullet/ninja/tradebolt + MBT/gain/fxcm


    there are a plethora of ways with different costs. just interested if anyone has already gone down these routes and if so what the rests are and if they are happy etc.

    Thanks very much, really appreciate any info/help.

  2. What is OATS ?
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    OATS is something that a chap at snapdragon has developed to make tradestation talk to Oanda's api. probably, or just googel it.
  4. I automate directly into the API I am trading in.
    I don't use 3rd party tools like Ninja trader since I find them unreliable.
    You can also use Meta trader by converting your system to MT4, but this binds you to MT4 brokers which is quite horrible..

    A good programmer can execute from Tradestation or any other tool to any platform. Its quite simple once you get the hang of API's (like Interactive Brokers etc).

    Send me a private PM for more input.