Is anyone here subscribed to Dan Zanger's site?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dave74, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. dave74


    This guy has an amazing, verified record. However, does membership in his site make money?

    Has anyone tried his site?

    Any responses are appreciated. Thanks.
  2. beep1


    dan zanger is a member on my site. if any is subscriber, let me know what type of info you get. if court case, you would get a piece.
  3. do a search...... the answer awaits you
  4. W4rl0ck


    Zanger's stuff works best in trending bull markets. Don't they all?
  5. Brandonf

    Brandonf ET Sponsor

    Good luck with that. First of all in getting it even into the courts, and then if you did on ever collecting a penny..even if you win the case. He's not stupid and I'm sure he has several layers of protection.
  6. dave74


    I did a search, but haven't found anyone yet. There's one guy who is subscribed, but hasn't posted his results with the newsletter yet. I've sent a PM yesterday.
  7. yea, I did a few years back when I was trading stocks. He is amazing, has great set ups every day, and another great feature is the chat room. some really good traders in their calling shots. I made something like 300 percent in like 3-4 months. granted i was gun slinging. I trade totally different now. just systems, but if i was trading stocks, that is what i would use.
  8. fredit


    yeah.. actually reading his nightly newsletter now.. He is great in bull or bears.

    He called rimm short yesterday.. so up 4-6% on that. ferts ss called in the chatroom.. 10-12% in those.

    abk long called 2 weeks ago. 80% gain or so. (I got in late and only got 30%.. oh well.. heh )

    He has a free trial, check him out yourself :)
  9. depends on your style

    if swing-trading, zanger, is your man, and if daytrading then are your men.

    both are similar except zanger tries to hold 2 days to 2 weeks on average and hcp holds for 2 mins to 2 hrs.

    take your pick.

    i used to be in zanger but if you're not swingtrading its no value. the chat was useless too btw, but that could have changed.
  10. beep1


    thanks brandon. if i have enough info, i can blast through his walls of protection. every city is penetrable, with the right and smart efforts.
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