Is anyone here profitable?

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  1. On this forum, I see a lot of people discussing various trading systems etc., but see very little discussion about actual trading performance (especially over extended periods of time) and the underlying systems that generated that performance. Does it mean that those that are profitable don't need to be here?

    I might be wrong, so I'd be keen to hear if there is anyone who has made consistent profit with a SINGLE strategy (along with KPIs such as Sharpe ratio etc.) over a period of one year or more.

    In this way, we can start talk about things that REALLY works instead of things that MIGHT work.

    Start posting!
  2. Thanks! Are you doing pair trading?
  3. I think my method is pretty well explained in my threads, but no, I'm not doing pair trading, unless you could sometimes being long both SPY and SH at the same time as pair trading.

  4. Don't forget the Supergrandcycle :D
  5. No, I am pretty sure they trade in separate locations!
  6. Bob111


    I did post my statements several times herel only to hear that it's fake or photoshop :)
    That particular system worked without single change forat least 7 years and made money every year and every month. Still profitable, but as I said before- profits just getting smaller and smaller. To the point, where I would rather do nothing,, than sit all day on front of couple pc's . My broker is now making more than I do :) all I got is nothing, but stress.
    It 's semiautomatic market neutral daytrading system. 10-100 trades/positions a day
  7. Is anyone here profitable?


    Wealth isn't transferred, ONLY DESTORYED!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p


    Not many can beat the S&P though.

    Your grandma avgs better returns over the long hall than most traders, managers, and experts.

    There are a few good traders here at ET. Not many at all, but they do exist.
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    IMO-that's not the point. i prefer boring, steady returns.regardless to direction of the market. yes,everyone is king now(including your grandma),but where they are back on 2007-9? crying in the pillow in the night? where they are in 2000?
  9. how?

    trading equity options, using methods from Livermore, Darvas, and using Fib analysis.

    I like box methods

    writing options in sideways markets and purchasing them in trending markets.

    money management is key to keeping what you make.

    use 5% of your capital and use the 90% of the capital on the situations that are well confirmed.

    keep the winners, add to winning positions and get out of your own way when you have to take a loss.

    trade in the probability mindset

    believe in yourself, and always keep pressing forward, keep learning and journal evaluate your trades everyday.

    work hard and play hard.
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