Is anyone here counter trade in strong trending future mkt?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by manz66, Mar 15, 2004.

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    Maybe shorts are fast mover than longs. So, you stay in the mkt less time. :)
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    This is exactly what I am doing, but wait for divergence in the indicators (macd, cci, stoch) too. Thank you.
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    Jack thanks for your idea, by bunching bars to get the rhythm of the mkt in different fractals. So, you can do SCT trading.

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    Have some dignity. :mad:
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  6. Cheese


    Manz66, I note your reference to the 'morning reversal strategy', which expects "major stock indices to revert to the previous day's closing price in the early minutes of the trading session".

    It would be too uncertain for me.

    I have a complete detailed system. That strategy would not have worked on the DOW today for example.

    Without getting into all the surrounding research and back data you would need, you would have had to apply the requisite range/gap-up index/formula to anticipate todays rise from Open.

    Sure, you could also have bought the Open on instinct this morning - each to his own, of course, as always.
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  7. I've noticed I have the same tendency too -- I have some theories
    about it...

    1) Short side moves faster than the long side so you are usually
    confirmed faster and there is less time to see something wrong
    with the trade and bail.

    2) There is the added psych benefit of having the random
    catastrophe angle covered when you are short (think 9-11).

    Whatever the reasons... once you have a feedback loop going
    with shorts more emotionally comfortable you've got a bad habit
    on your hands... bias is a killer.

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  8. nasdorq


    Jack thank you for the reply. I know nobody likes a thread jammed with thankyou messages, but since you took the time I wanted to let you know it was appreciated.
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  9. Simply go stand on your head.
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  10. The discussion here is about that is unfamiar to you. Your reference is to something other than what is being discussed here.

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