Is anyone here counter trade in strong trending future mkt?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by manz66, Mar 15, 2004.

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    I am just wondering, if anyone found setups where looking at chart can make decision going against strong trend for short time period and be successful?

    To me they are the best traders.

    ps: And, please do not lecture me about going to be wiped out warning.

  2. There's always a trend within a trend. Look at Elliot waves.
    But why would you want to go against the trend if your odds are better if you would go with the flow, presuming there is one!!

  3. T-REX


    Right ON!

    YES there is a way to determine countertrend moves within the major trend.

    Consider the 2 Bar Charlie Method???
    This is your best bet when used in conjunction with a MACD or Stochastic.:D
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    Because, when the masses recognize trend it is too late to enter.
    Another thing we are day trading future mkts in 1 to 3 minutes, not doing swing trade.

    Elliot waves is great after the fact. :)
  5. i hate elliot waves
  6. manz66


    Looks like you can trade. CCI also helps.
  7. Im glad you shared that with us.:)
  8. I suppose you could say that reversal traders do this.
    Reversal traders need a trend, to end, to be in.
    If this is counter trend or not of course depends on timeframes.

    If looking at 5m chart for entries, you may use a higher timeframe to guide you as to how long you stay in the 5m reversal depending on larger timeframe trend.


    An interesting point though is that I have found more shorts in the past couple weeks than in prior weeks where longs where following through more.
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    A signal I have found to be reliable is a rail road tracks signal. It goes like have a trend,then a consolidation, an attempt to resume that trend followed immediately by a bar going back the other way. In the case of a sell signal, you might have a big white candle immediately followed by an equal sized red candle. Sometimes the pattern looks like a hammer.

    The pattern works because you are capitalizing on the fact that everyone that went in the direction of the trend is now trapped. Rail road tracks that consist of only a few ticks are obviously not as potent as once consisting of several points or more (ES).

    I trade (ES) this signal in 5 min to 60 min time frames. The hard part is being patient enough to wait for them to occur.

    Good Luck

  10. Amen to that.
    Trading is the biggest test of patience I have ever had experienced in my life.
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