Is anyone getting sick of the Olympics already?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by turkeyneck, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Overexposed??
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    I don't particularly care but then I've never been much of a sports fan to begin with.
  3. would love to see something bad happen to the olympics, that would make it not boring
  4. My wife will watch it, as well as football, baseball, basketball and golf. Any sports fanatics out there, care to take her off my hands.:D
  5. How big is the dowry?
  6. Gee, a little jaded guys, c'mon.

    I like the "greyjing" comment in the paper, the "mystery smog" that ...........somehow mostly obscured the procession along the great wall of china.

    Its summer, for gawds sake, i know its above sea level, but-hoooo-eeee, international footage of this incredible procession, barely visible through "mystery smog/fog".

    What a shame.
    Hopefully, the opening ceremony wont be such a disaster, i dont know if this stuff is truly "weather" related or not, but for the sake of the participants, i hope so and they suffer no negative consequences for doing their best.

    That goes for the athletes, too.
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    are you with al qaida? :eek:
  8. what Olympics?
  9. Are you one of those rubbernecking ghouls who thrills from getting a good look at the carnage of a road accident as you drive by? Your post is repugnant.
  10. Since the air is so bad they should have a breath holding contest.
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