Is anyone else seeing $54 price target on Grow?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by michaelscott, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. I don't see it...but glad to hear you do!
  2. fuck GROW again.. I got in today at 30.06 and then it dropped to 28.70 - I sold in panic. And it closes at around 32.

    So you see a pullback to around $26 and then a $18 point climb - what gives - is this company all that good?
  3. Here is the play. Wait for it to pullback and I believe it will. The max height it can go from here is 36. Between now and 36 it will pull back about 4-6. Then thats the time to go in. Its going to soar to 54.
  4. What's your TA telling you for SYX?
    GROW has unbelievable momo.. I just afraid of the crash from 72 to the 30s

  5. these are very tough to trade, these SHO stocks, but the upside is so huge. I've cut back my size by half, so I'm not so apt to be stopped, and if I am, no biggie, and I can get back. I got whipped around Friday on DNDN, so I used 1/3 the size on Monday. Worked well. GROW today.

    It's maddening, but size down, and you're potential is as high as 6:1 or more.

    Take a look at CROX, and you'll see what happens when the action subsides, which I guess means the mandatory covers are done. They do come back to life, but you don't want to be there when they dry up.
  6. Here is how to trade it.

    I attached the master chart. Pay attention to the RSI and MACD. Look at where those indicators where when there was either a notable low or notable high. I included the prison bars and circled the indicators to make it easy.

    Currently, the RSI appears to be going over the 70 line. The MACD appears it might peak too. There could be more upside from here, however, in the past when those indicators were at notable highs there was down room to go.

    HOWEVER, sometimes these indicators show an overbought condition for months until they trend back down again.

    There is something else to pay attention to on this chart. The most important item. The signal to buy is when the 30 day EMA passes over the 15 day EMA. Notice how each time one passes the other it usually takes 2-3 months for them to cross again. Since these just passed on March 26th then the index might keep surging for another 2-3 months.

    Therefore the surest buy/sell signal is the 15/30 day emas. Buy when they are just about to cross, short when they are about to cross again.

    You sold out too early because you didnt see the big picture. Now that I see the big picture, there might not be a pullback until it hits 54. I didnt look at the moving averages until now. The two EMAs crossed on March 26th which was the buy signal. Should be strong until May 26th.

    If you dont think so, then wait until the averages are just about to cross again and short. This stock loves to move up or down very quickly. Its moves usually take 2-3 months to complete.

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  7. Sorry, I looked at it again. It should take two months for the MACD to reach a peak.

    So my final thesis is that this is going straight to 54 before turning around with a few ebbs and flows on the way. Then short back down again. Its safe to get in at this level.

    Im going to hit the red button now, thats my final answer on this.
  8. SteveD


    No disrespect:

    It is #2 on the IBD 100 list with a very small float....wouldn't it be very risky to short???

    One good good preannouncing....bam...up 5 points over nite....

    I am mad didn't get in Mon at the open....

  9. I see the buy from the ema 15/30 - what do you rely on for the sell - the macd or the ema 15/30 cuz did not cross at the peak - only the MACD.

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