Is anyone else pissed off about Charlie Rangel?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, Nov 17, 2010.

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    He was found guilty on 9 or 10 counts of ethics violations, and what he did clearly violates the law, if this had been a regular citizen he would be looking at jail time. So now the talk is that he might get a "reprimand" by congress, in which it is just a note on his record, and he holds his position in congress.

    Is anyone else sick and tired of these assholes doing whatever they want and getting away with it? these guys act like royalty, and they are above the law, he broke laws, and should be charged accordingly, i cant even believe this, at a minimum he should lose his job.

    I dont understand why we allow these guys to get away with this shit. He got re-elected with 80% of the vote, the people who re-elected him deserve to be unemployed, and living in poverty, when you knowingly re-relect a thief you deserve to be stolen from, to quote a famous idiot, "fool me once shame on me uhh uhhh uhh well the point is we cant be fooled again" :D

    This stuff pisses me off worse then anything, these guys dont play by our rules, and we as a country have allowed it to go on for far to long it doesnt matter if its a dem or a republican, he should be in jail.
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    He broke rules not laws.

    I dislike his politics but he should face whatever punishment was agreed to when the House rules were put into place. They layed out rules, they must have also described punishment for infractions of those rules. He should be subject to those punishments, no more.
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    Tax evasion is simply a minor rule, not a law, or something i should actually follow due to the chance of facing prison time?

    I wish someone told me about this, if i knew it was simply a reprimand when i dodged taxes, id simply stop paying them today, they can hand me all the reprimands they want.
  4. I agree with you, Hello.

    They should treat him like any other ordinary citizen who commits such crimes, or breaks such rules and guidelines.
  5. Sure, but where do you start with these guys. I can think of many that deserve to be in jail, or better yet, swinging from a tree.
    Christopher Cox
    Chris Dodd
    Barney Frank
    Chuck Schumer
    William Donaldson
    James Cayne
    Robert Rubin
    Tim Geithner
    Chuck Prince
    Daniel Mudd
    Larry Summers
    Franklin Raines
    Angelo Mozilo
    Phil Gramm
    Alan Greenspan
    Hank Paulson
    George Bush
    Barrack Obama
    Ronnie Rayguns...dig his ass up if necessary

    and on and on. Every one of these bastards played an instrumental role in destroying the economy, our country, and should be tried for crimes against humanity.
    Good old Charlie is to political corruption what Bernie Madoff is to Wall Street raping the general public. A mere pimple on the ass.
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    I agree 100%, all of these people should be facing serious jail time, the problem is that the majority of the population has become numb to the pain these idiots cause. BTW you left out bernanke.

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    Bernanke "inherited" the mess that became the financial crisis.

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    Actually I think most of them are.
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  10. For sure it's only a small sampling. The list could easily include just about all 535 members of congress/senate, any number of financial institutions, etc., etc.
    Like I stated, where do you start? The entire system is corrupt, top to bottom. That is their ultimate protection, each others guilt. One goes, they all go, so they put on a dog and pony show with congressional hearings and such, but at the end of the day they all go home fat and happy.
    Meanwhile, Olympic runner Marion Jones gets 6 months in jail for using performance enhancing drugs. LMFAO! I feel so much safer now.
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