Is anyone else getting sick of dems lying over health care?

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Are dems lying when they go on air and say the majority wants their reform bill?

  1. Yes all dems are liars, and they continue to lie about health reform

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  2. No, the Dems are squeaky clean, only truth comes from the annointed ones mouth

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    I have CNBC playing in the background during the day, and there have already been 3 dems who have been questioned today about healthcare, and all 3 have said "healthcare bill is what the public wants." Kudlow kicked the shit out of 1 of them, was busy trading during the banter between the other 2. This is exactly the same lie Olbermann keeps announcing on his show every night as well. Are these guys actually just flat out lying? Or are they just stupid enough to poll far left democrats only? There is not a single poll out there which has the majority of americans wanting the healthcare reform which dems are offering.
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    Democrats will wonder where it all went wrong after November 2nd.
  3. In order to evenly compare statistics, how many people polled supported the 39% health insurance premium increases, ie. the status quo?
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    What kind of retarded logic is this..... how many people polled want to win the lottery? Neither one has anything to do with the fact that the majority of americans polled do not want the current healthcare reform bill.

    Have the dems honestly convinced you that extending healthcare to people with preexisting conditions, and insuring everyone will bring down costs? Take a basic course in economics..... or invest 100$ of your pizza delievery money in the stock market and figure out what happens when there are more buyers than sellers.

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    LOL now obama just said that "the majority of americans want the healthcare bill" WTF is this honestly what the liberals have come down to? Do they think that just by saying it, people will magically believe it is true?
  6. Well that's an out-of-context statistic. In order to know if the bill has the preference of Americans, you really have to know if more Americans prefer it to the status quo. Ie. do Americans see it as a positive change, or a negative change.

    I'm just trying to explain the most simple, quite literally the most simple of statistics to you. To be a trader you'll need those. For example, if you're trading would you be concerned about making some money the majority of the time, or be concerned with an improvement in positive expectancy for your trading system?
  7. You mean like the death panels? or US has higher life expectancy than other developed countries? or US has affordable health care?

    ... wait, those are the talking points for those who are against health care reform.
  8. You liked being raped by the healthcare industry month after month with every premium and co-pay?
  9. Ten seconds of Googling regarding a bill that includes a Medicare buy-in and a public option...

    Public option gains support

  10. Oct 2009.

    Can you find some more old headlines to dig up?

    Personally, I have yet to see one single poll that says 50% or more Americans are for the healthcare bill.
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