Is anyone considering the possibility this Corona virus is an overhyped

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Good Fortune, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Dr. Love

    Dr. Love

  2. vanzandt


    Old joke. Used for Rock Hudson 100 years ago.

    Now that was witty and original.
    #52     Feb 22, 2020
  3. Overnight


    Man, by the time they figure out a way to reconstitute a dead person, with memories intact, we won't be living in this solar system. I hope your frozen contract has a relocation clause.
    #53     Feb 22, 2020
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  4. Hey, you are not paying any cover charge here for the entertainment.

    And you are getting just what you paid for.
    #54     Feb 22, 2020
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  5. vanzandt


    Fortunately for me, I have been recruited to have my brain preserved... in a mason-jar filled with 20yo bourbon aged in white oak barrels. There will be no change in my personal electro-enchapalic activity. So they say. Sometimes ya just gotta throw caution to the wind I guess.
    #55     Feb 22, 2020
  6. Overnight


    Good God man, that will be a hell of a hangover!
    #56     Feb 22, 2020
  7. Yeh, they recruit people with brains that are in excellent shape and have hardly been used.

    #57     Feb 22, 2020
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  8. vanzandt


    Just imagine what would happen if I tried. ;)
    #58     Feb 22, 2020
  9. vanzandt


    White oak absorbs the peptides. Old boot-legger secret you won't find on Google. ;)
    #59     Feb 22, 2020
  10. themickey


    Lets stay on topic, "is Corona overhyped".
    Not with lime it isn't.
    #60     Feb 22, 2020