Is anyone considering the possibility this Corona virus is an overhyped

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    You mean how companies like McAfee and Symantec are now the majority of sources that create virii and malware, just to supply us with the latest fixes to these new, "unknown" strains, thus creating a perpetually profitable business model?

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    Next from the rumor mill: Corona is a biological weapon developed at the University of North Carolina targeted at Asian males. It was then sold to the Chinese, it was either mishandled (or purposefully released) into the population.

    Heard at my local corner bar from a diehard Republican.
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    Nah, it came from a future cabal government looking to turn earth into a dystopia, where an artificial fish monger there sent it back in time to Wuhan and grafted the virus onto a snake scale, which someone then decided to eat and thus give us what we have today.

    The assimilation is almost complete.

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    My understanding it was created in Mexico to kill off Chinese competition.
    Corona Brewery
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    I think it’s serious. I have been following Dr John Campbell on YouTube, he does evidence based updates. Worst case scenario is incubation period up to 27 days, infectious while asymptomatic (from day 1) and also for some time after recovery, virus can stay on surfaces for possibly up to 28 days, is aerosolised (can stay in the air longer than droplets, so can pass through air ducts), aerosolisation particles are 3 micrograms so one N95 facemask on its own is not enough protection. It’s a perfect combination to spread with ease and I believe that’s what we are seeing now in Iran and South Korea. It’s much deadlier than normal ‘flu and if not contained our hospitals won’t cope with the 20% of cases which are severe if it does affect 60% of the population. Dr John Campbell has the thumbs up from the WHO for his analysis, so his info is trustworthy - check him out.
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  6. The masks are rated in microns. The N95 is sufficient provided that you maintain an adequate seal.

    You're fine walking around the GP, anywhere, with an N95... not so much if working with the infected.

    The virus doesn't penetrate the mask. The seal is critical to reducing exposure.
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    Good one. True.
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    Xi said yesterday:

    A national system to control biosecurity risks must be put in place “to protect the people’s health,” Xi said, because lab safety is a “national security” issue.
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