Is anyone considering the possibility this Corona virus is an overhyped

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Good Fortune, Feb 21, 2020.

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    Coronavirus could be a permanent drag on the Asian growth story. There could be some fallout from that. HSBC just announced plans for 35,000 job cuts....profits off 33%.

    Things could get bad.

    I read it somewhere......this is the first crisis that the CCP can't silence, imprison, or paper over.
    There's no easy way out of it.

    If it gets going in Japan and Southeast Asia, or even elsewhere, then it could be a shock to global GDP.
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    We're in the midst of a virus that scientists at present know very little about, and that the CDC is preparing for as a pandemic - and jagoffs are fighting about grammar o_O
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    Here is hoping the virus secretly targets and kills all grammar muppets!!
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    When they develop a vaccine that's affordable and easily available...corona-virus will become like the flu.

    It will spread more quickly, more people will die but without the panic.

    If a government disease control agency invents a vaccine...the person will get a nice write up in a medical journal and probably win an award (e.g. Nobel). Next, he'll capitalize by doing speaking events at universities, conventions and hopefully hired as a renown professor with TA's grading all the papers at some top 5 university in the world while teaches from the front...looking between the legs of the pretty ladies sitting in the front seats. :wtf:

    If its a woman...same thing but she'll be eyeballing the guys with the big biceps and tight jeans.

    I hope its not a scientist from China...from ground zero. It will be extremely suspicious about the origin of the coronavirus in comparison to what's currently being guessed about concerning that testing lab in the ground zero area prior to the outbreak.

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    T had intelligence release it in an area w/plausible deniability to bring China's economy to heel. The latest proof that we've got the vaccine being the non-chalant flying of infected Americans back home. Genetically altered to target Asians.
    See, two can play this stupid game.
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  8. Some good posts here. I was at first worried when the story came out and the reactions, but then started questioning the whole narrative... Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
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    Somehow I had gotten MERSA 18 years ago like size of quarter on my stomach, went to a clinic in Kansas city and doctor runs to put on orange suit, LOL. The county health was called in and all up in arms to what to do with me. I had just bought and driving a 16 foot RV and I said I stay in it so long as someone brings food to me every other day and fuel, had to put warm compasses on stomach every 2 hours, take antii-biotics and they gave me password to Mariotts internet, was that way for 2 weeks, left a small spot on stomach that was soft for several years till it filled in. County Health come by twice a day to see if I left. Now they treat it with Turmeric.
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    So far, over 2,000 people have died in China and there are still more cases being discovered. The number of people with viruses is increasing too in other countries which is why a travel ban makes sense. China has changed the way they report victims so, their numbers cannot be trusted. From what I know about the virus, there are claims that this is a biological weapon being developed by China in Wuhan that somehow got spread. The virus can be transmitted by someone with the virus by sneezing and or coughing within 10 feet of you. That is quite a distance, before it drops to the ground. Heat can neutralize it and if you feel ill, drink lots of hot tea, hot soup, etc. When you have the flu, you do the same thing so, it makes sense. Your best defense and this is from an ICU nurse no less, wash your hands often especially, when you go to public places like supermarket, mall, library, restaurants, etc. Bring a hand sanitizer and do not rub your dirty hands on your nose, ears or eyes. Wash your hands when you get back home and after you use the bathroom. Only touch your nose, ears, eyes with clean hands.
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