Is anyone considering the possibility this Corona virus is an overhyped

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Good Fortune, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Cuddles


    So no pics huh?. Hey guys, I'm a 10k/day CEO with a 14" dick, 18" biceps, and just troll this site for shits and giggles.
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    You'll live.

    Its impossible to actually discuss trading with some of you. I'm a mean-reversion guy and that technological barrier appears to elude the intellect of many of the leftists here. Its the correlation between seemingly unrelated securities that requires protection so I would not discuss symbols to begin with.

    If you can't code I suppose you could use ButtonTrader.

    Some here say you are Rictor. I don't think so. Rictor had brains and wrote far more cryptically than you. He traded but at heart was an oil/gas guy and had a ranch. As much as I disagreed with him I certainly had some respect for the guy.

    No, you are just a some random new guy with a bad attitude and a filthy mouth. You aren't fit to polish Rictor's boots.
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  3. Cuddles


    of course I will, after all:
    Now show us which of your 1600 posts have been outside of the politics or lol "spirituality" section? Surely, Mr. Coder, we'll find your expertise in the automated trading section?

    for(i=you, i>phaggots, i--)
    Send, Snarkhund

    ^^infinite loop... cuz Snarkhund is never less than a phaggot
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    Well I certainly don't pack that kind of lumber or muscle but I'm not a small guy. I told you I was an A-boat grinder at one time. Maybe you don't understand what that means lol.

    It means I could probably tear your leg off and beat you with it. Straight up.

    But I don't get into fights. I have a weird ability to stay out of trouble and get along with folks in the real world. I'm surrounded by liberals including my best friends. ET is about the only place I express my politics outside of a voting booth.
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    I too, was an A-boat grinder, but my boats & my grinders were bigger than yours
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    Well maybe your legs are attached to your torso better than I thought.

    Odd how you didn't mention racing until now. Odd indeed.

    Did you win any races or hold any other crew position or were you just rail-meat?
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    Uhoh. Counting posts and rooting around. Take a deep breath you are going to be ok.

    I'm not vulnerable on any level. You can't get me fired or otherwise perturb my orbit in any way.

    You can spit and hiss and make tough guy noises but we both know what you are. You lack class and no amount of money can fix that.
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