Is anyone considering the possibility this Corona virus is an overhyped

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  1. crisis? Or, in simple terms bunk? How many people have actually died from it? Think how many people get Flu each year? How many people die from Flu or even cardiovascular disease? I would just be curious who is going to invent a vaccine and stand to make alot of money... We have two Flu seasons a year and we don't shut down factories...
  2. At least equal probability that it has been "under-hyped".
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    Quite likely a dozen threads where this has been discussed, so welcome to the party. roughly 2100 dead, ~2+% kill ratio. More sever than the flu, more contagious, and necessary alarm for such a novel virus.

    The biggest concern most of us have is it's bringing China to a halt and the economic impact that will have.
  4. Considering how many people are in China (seems low the mortality). Read an article where in the states Flu virus kills thousands more and we don't shut down global trade. Seriously.
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  5. Wouldn't be drawing any conclusions just yet. Too soon to know... especially considering how the Chinese government lies about everything!

    The ChiComs promote their agenda at all times. Any lie, any time, any atrocity... same as US DemoCrap Leftys!
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    Very fair observation, until you consider the really scary part of CoVID-19: it's incubation includes a period of transmissability. Thus, you can transmit the virus without actually showing ANY symptoms. That skews the eventual impact away from just "How deadly is this?" -- it's exposure/vectoring/viability-without-hosts is UNKNOWN. :wtf::confused:
    • HIV is 90% deadly (without treatment), but you have to literally *fuck* someone to get it.
    • "Flu" (any of a dozen influenza strains that come and go annually) has much greater exposure, but total mortality is 1% of the total population.
    • this coronavirus CoVID-19 has *unknown* exposure[!!!], and as noted, has a mortality rate that "may not be accurately computed/reported." :vomit:

    Thus, if it spreads far enough, it'll kill more people than the Spanish Flu or the Hong Kong Flu or any other big-ass outbreaks of the last hundred years. The efforts to stop it now (*and* their economic impacts) are still easily out-weighed by it's potential impact/lethality.
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    Truth Bomb. Which is why China has quarantined millions of citizens despite the severe risk to its prestige and economic power.

    And, of course, you’ve got a billion people squatting into open holes to deficate and none of the public bathrooms supply toilet paper so there’s that disease vector.
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    No literally have to get *Fucked* by someone, 1 way fluid transfer, why so bad for gay people because the fuck each other.

    2% mortality with weeks of extensive hospital care for 50% of it's victims, overwhelm the hospital care and a country with limited hospital care and could be talking 30-40% mortality rate.

    Only slowing it down currently, till maybe better treatment is available of vaccine ( doubt it'll hold off till Vaccine ), without there measures even 2weeks later on the close down and it would be around globally and out of control.
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    This has never even been a question. It IS completely overhyped. A minor virus, no real impact. Big deal! Lots of headline noise to pull in suckaz - as usual. Nothing new here!
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  10. Could be that you "presume much", grasshopper.
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