Is ANYBODY willing to share some basics?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by neo_hr, Dec 18, 2001.

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    Dear Traders!

    his is an issue that has been adressed a couple of times on other threads and it all comes down to one thing : If a trader is successful then he aint gonna share it wit' you! Period.

    OK, obviously nobodys gonna give you a method that works so you can make money and do nothing but... after doing my DD for like 2 , 3 years I realized that it would really help us all a lot if we could share some ideas or some general principles. Or at least some systems that DONT work anymore but just to give new ones an idea as what to look for. All I been getting till recently is psych stuff, (I understand that trading IS psychology , that any edge can be negated at anytime but lately that kind of thinking switched me from system, system, system to psych-I-cant-pull-the-trigger...cos its all so relativ.) I could flip a coin at anytime and buy or sell accordingly.

    So I took some time off to "regroup" (ok , i had some other things to do) and get my thinking straight and find the balance. Now im begining to ramble...

    My point is that it would have been excellent had we stuck with the threads like Daytrading stratedies, Tradingmethods and techniques and not let them slip away after getting flooded with personal discussions about "Oh im good, follow me-my site-my chat..." ion one side and "SHOW ME UR ACCT: BALANCE" on the other :(

    A lot of newer traders (ME, me :) )would benefit enormously that way - starting with the basics and then building alone upon that foundation.

    Just my not having anything better to do so I post to ET.

    Good luck my trading friends and have The merriest Christmas and a great New "Bull" Year if I dont post here until than!
  2. Your right, who wants to share something that is working? It took me about ten years and $70,000 to become profitable trading. I do share my methods and knowledge on a site I started to help newbie traders grasp general concepts and start to think on their own. You can check out a lot of the basics for free at the address below. We have a lot of good guys who are willing to share ideas on technical analysis and execution.
  3. No!
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    NOW that is an ET record>>>>>>>> digging up a FIVE YEAR old thread for the purpose of self promotion.

    If I sign up and pay to advertise, I would probably try and be a little more creative in my posting!
  5. But could you exceed 74 posts in 2 days?

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  6. Wow your right. That is an old thread. ha. Surdo I didn't even notice the date. It seemed like I was reading stuff that had hundreds of replies. I clicked 'view threads with 0 replies and just have been answering questions that did not have answers. Did the same in the hardware forum (since I used to fix PC's).

    I bet the guy who posted that may not even be a member anymore.
  7. and I thought I ran my mouth off a
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    There is a balance to promoting one's cause.

    If Spectra keeps it up he'll have no one visiting his site.
  9. 100% up room (on posts) to go!! :D

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  10. I work in bursts. I'll probably not be back for a week or so after today.
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