Is anybody talking about what happened at 12:42 Tuesday?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by SomeYoungGuy, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Gaps down across the board. Did I miss a memo? What gives?
  2. 130 views and not one comment?

    I can haz a konspeerasee!
  3. You trade index futs WITHOUT listening to a live news feed?? You crazy or something? :p

  4. tomgilb


  5. news feed or live financial network news is a must when trading any futures especially if someone is wondering what happen when they see those sudden strong parabolic price movements.

    In fact, if it's not breaking news's related to a regular schedule market event or some FED / ECB speech...many of which have calendars one can follow to prevent that what happen feeling.

  6. Trade? I don't even paper trade! I'm still trying to figure all these crazy charts out. I look at the charts at night, wondering if I would have guessed if the line was going to go up or down.

    Now I know to bring up google news and correlate..
  7. dont waste you time. get a real job

    this is bullshit

    landscape is littered with gurus that make no money but tell you how to game the system.

    you have next to zero chance.

    anyone dare to disagree?

  8. Sorry, you're posting on a TRADING website, how silly of me to assume that you are trading (or at least demo trading) :D

  9. you should listen to RR and Nihabashi