Is anybody interested in the book Volume and Open Interest?

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    I have the book in my collection and now see it selling around $1000.00 on amazon. It is good condition but is used and read. Just like you you would expect a regular slightly used book to be. Anyways, it is for sale and would take less than $950. Offers? I will list on ebay if no one is interested here. It is the red jacketed revised edition of Kenneth H. Shaleen's "Volume and Open Interest"
  2. Volume is mostly a waste of time.
  3. you just couldn't be more wrong
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    I bid you $50 + shipping:)

    $1000 is way above value.

    I have seen this book selling at $1000 for over a year now and I don`t think any have been sold yet.
  5. Those are ridiculous high-ball offers that you are seeing on the second edition. The first edition is being offered ~$130. Hit the $50-bid and be done with it. :cool:
  6. that is your idea of a rebuttal? Try doing some research on past ET posts, to see the general overall feeling of volume as compared to price

    Or you are welcome to submit overwhelming evidence to support your point (your personal testimony or "people you know" are not such).
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    Sold it yet?
  8. The book is an antiquated piece of crap, written at a point when there was much less knowledge (and less knowledgeable) people trading the markets.

    I bid $4.99, all-in. :p
  9. +1

    TZ isn't a trader and he believes that if the majority of people on ET don't understand or like something then it MUST be truth


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    No...but this thread has been the extent of the effort thus far.
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