Is anybody going to Upgrade to Longhorn windows

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  1. I was wondering, when longhorn comes out, I was going to wait a couple of months before upgrading, or should I wait longer for them to fix the bugs.
  2. We dumped $soft in favor of Linux. So are we upgrading to "Longhorn" or whatever they are calling their next delayed amd overpriced system ? The answer is no. Do we care when they release it ? No. Would we pay for it ? No.
  3. Wait ... the first series of bugs will be out and the software may go on sale.
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    Apparently, this question won't come into play until Q4/2006; that's Microsoft's current time frame for releasing Longhorn. BTW, they have decided to call it "Vista".

    But in general, it's never a bad idea to wait a bit before upgrading software - to see if it is indeed an upgrade, and allow the developer to correct the worst of the bugs which slip past the Beta process. There will always be some.

    For (probably) more details than you need, just Google: "Windows Vista".
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    To upgrade, you'll need to be able to access drivers for your peripherals.

    Also, I think it's a good idea to wait at least until Service Pack 1 is released.... SP2, even better.

    I supposed Vista could have some new killer functionality, but it's more likely to be similar to the upgrade from Windows 2000 to WinXP.... which was almost insignificant except for security issues.
  6. I will second that... You can only catch so many bugs in beta versions and when it goes alpha and goes public there are so many extra programs that run with and in windows at that level that it is always best to wait so those bugs get caught, matched and then fixed...

    If you want 64 bit for some reason there is WinXP 64 and Win 2003 Server 64 and SQL Server 64 bit but you would need to be a high end data center to need those probably...

    Win2000 is stil running fine for lots of people and i have clients that still run win98 on their business networks (works ok, kinda) even though i recommended to them that for TCO expense it would be better to a least upgrade to win2k or winxp...




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  7. It is the same in trading.
    Let the losers rush in to test the waters.
    Whether they will survive is your 'technical indicator'!
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    Longhorn "Lite" is already out there in the form of Windows XP Professional, 64-bit edition. I know, because I have it and am running it now. Being an early adoptor can be hell, and a good chunk of software does not run on 64-bit platforms, so I did a lot of legwork searching for compatible versions of software that 32-bit users take for granted, such as firewall and anti-virus software.

    However, most software vendors have 64-bit compatible versions coming out within the next 6-12 months. I believe by the time Longhorn makes its debut, there will be a lot of hardware and software supported.
  9. What trading or charting platforms support Linux? What advantage does Linux offer on the desktop besides fees?
    I'm going to upgrade in the middle of 2007. It should be an AMD 64X2 with 800 FSB along with Win Vista.
  10. Is anybody going to Upgrade to Longhorn windows?
    Hell, no! It took me many years to get rid of windoz and breath freely once more. Never again.

    Linux advantages: No milking cow in a monopolist's barn, finding information you need, effective help with bugs, true portability between architectures, state of the art technology, less virus/trojan crap, many forums by & for peolple without blindfolds, i.e. Linux goes where users want it to go, not where the monopoly whips it to.

    :) :) :)
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