Is anybody actually getting filled by TIMBER?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by trader3, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Glad you're so sure they are losing. I mean that's what they do for a living right?
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  2. Bob111


    i have same expirience. never been filled by TMBR to open position,but when stoppped or @ exit filled by TMBR-in short term at least, price go opposite way 90% of time.
    if i sell to close my long and order filled by TMBR-generally stock price will go higher.
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  3. According to OldTrader IB is a poor trader, so how come all you guys are saying they win 90% of the time?

    I mean OldTrader can't be blowing smoke could he?
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  4. It's what I do for a living too, right?

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  5. rcj


    This thread got me curious so i did a transaction count for the
    past several months. I dont trade every day. All executions done via smart rt.

    ISLND .... 402
    NYSE ..... 150
    TIMBR .... 103
    BRUT ..... 28

    A few more exec. on ARCA, SUPERS, ....

    ... rj
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  6. All I can do is give my experience. Why don't you give yours, instead of worrying about whether I'm "blowing smoke"?

    In fact, I gotta wonder why you seem to be so prone to believing everyone except me. Have you seen me prone to lying somewhere? Maybe they make money overall...versus on any particular trade or with any particular trader...don't suppose that occurred to you did it?

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  7. As a former market maker on Euronext Amsterdam I had very good experiences with THE (Timberhill). I often traded against them in options. Sometimes they just give you the best quotes and fills because they have to hedge their overall position and you can take advantage of that because you receive a better price. They often bought the offer or sold the bid in the market maker crowd. All the BS about that they know who are the best and the worst traders and take a position based on that information is just losers talk.
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  8. Losers always fumble things like that.
    Going by ET popular wisdom - never disputed - 95% would be losers.

    Overmore, who else would chip in for the profits of the nimble?
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  9. this is correct, spots preferred by tmbr seems to be short intraday trends and reversin' as soon as mkt dictates good odds for direction change....micro trends and overextended momentum in both direction is where u find 'em.
    of course we dont know if they are only on 1 side, innit...but ya, i enjoy it when they lose against me, and the more the merrier, hee hee; lately they havent been so lucky tradin' against me.
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