Is anybody actually getting filled by TIMBER?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by trader3, Jul 21, 2006.

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    I never get fills by them. I'm guessing you have to be a losing trader to be eligible for fills from them.

    From their website:

    What is the Timber Hill Automatic Execution Service for IB customers?

    Timber Hill provides an automatic execution service for certain eligible IB customer orders in certain Nasdaq stocks and NYSE and other exchange listed stocks. When IB's Best Execution order routing system searches the available market centers for your order, if Timber Hill is willing to provide an execution at the best available national price or better for that stock, IB may send your order to Timber Hill for an immediate automatic execution.

    How can I benefit from the service?

    If your order is eligible for automatic execution, you will get as good a price as any price available in the national market system and, most importantly, your order will get executed immediately, with no delay or chance of the market price moving away from your order before it is executed.
  2. I guess they are more than happy to fill you if you use market order
  3. i get filled by them with some regularity. you have to use smart in case you didnt know.

    I doubt if im on thier list as a losing trader, though you never know.
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    Actually, even if I use a limit order to buy that is way above the market, I don't get filled by them. I almost always use smart routing. When I first started trading with them, I used to be regularly filled by TIMBER and it was convenient. Frankly, my fills are pretty good anyway, but sometimes I don't get the whole order filled. It'd be nice if TIMBER just filled it like they did in the beginning.
  5. i couldnt help but notice that most of my losin' trades land at i look immediately after execution at the destination and if its tmbr i begin to worry somethin' might go wrong....those guys sure are good, beware.
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    Perhaps the stocks you trade aren't ones that TMBR actively trade or quote tightly.

    One thing I can assure you (well documented in our disclosures to the SEC and audits) is that TMBR has NO, NONE, NADA, knowledge of IB client orders.
  7. I havent' gotten a TMBR fill in months that I recall, but I was generally always happy when i did.
  8. of course no, but it seems they provide liquidity on spots where the odds are best for 'em... tmbr favor makin' mkts in overextended rallies and tumbles....they often there also on those trades of mine that chase momentum [especially those gone against me].
  9. I don't trade stocks all the time, but when I do I get quite a few trades with TMBR. Frankly, it would be interesting to see what they are doing with these trades, but I'd say they're losing their ass.

    Knowing who they are I've tried to figure out what they're doing, and the best I can figure is that they seem to be going with the very short term intraday trend. Sometimes I buck these pretty actively. The thing is I don't know if they are hedged in what they do, how long they hold, etc etc. Sometimes I laugh after I have made a trade with em.:D

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    I used to get some timber fills, but never now. I trade the same 24 stocks everyday. I trade 1,000 to 2,000 shares a trade and freaquently try to hit the bid or ask.

    It was nice when timber would fill the entire order, never did get a partial fill with timber that i remember.

    I thought that i might of been put on a no fill list by timber. but i guess that doesn't happen. I haven't made a dime in a couple months, if i start getting timber fills agains i will know its cause i am on the losing trader list
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