Is any part of your trading based on intuition?

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    I was just wondering this after thinking about how many different styles of trading there are, after knowing that there are people that sit at home and have an edge who trade for a living, after reading about PHd's that are highly educated and advanced and have nearly the same results... for the most part I take it.

    How many of you who trade profitably use some sort of intuition that may push you just beyond break even to get that edge? I saw a book out there on this in which I skimmed through the pages quick on my way out the book store but since then its been bugging me. I mean theres got to be something to intuition and "right brain" characteristics... I guess. just wanted to get some feedback on this.
  2. I would think that many people trade on intuition (not exclusively) but within their trading plan. It sounds kind of ridiculous though, but even Steven A Cohen says the same. Obviously he has years of experience and know how but in the new market wizards book he mentions that up to 50% of his trading is based on gut feeling.
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    I have an entry technique that is completely technical and I always take, after that is all intuition for me.

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  4. " The act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes"


    When the value guys with all their numbers and reasons were wrong and I was speechless, powerless to argue. I had no ammunition only intuition. I must have picked up the "art" along the way and finally was confident to trust myself and break away from the rational process crowd.

    Sometimes intuition calls and bada bing bada boom, one must do what one must never do.
  5. Trading is like driving a car or riding a bike.

    Perception is 90% inference and 10% what you sense.

    SAC has a great gut feeling as a consequence of getting phone calls giving him info not available to the public...get real.
  6. And if you cannot through careful reflection and analysis codify that 90%, then it is bullshit. Rules rule.
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    Part experience
    Part intuition
    Part common sense
    Part psychology (the mkt's)

    All managed by rules – of course

    And I agree with more experience comes more intuition – like a feedback loop

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    Whenever I have traded with Intuition, the market has never used any lubrication :D Maybe its the market or my intuition:D
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    Good One

  10. after yrs of doing this one gets a sense of when this dude will

    show up and push the markets around

    since I am not privy to how many times he will
    "save the world of the retail investor"

    in a given day ... it can be tough to get the exact high and low
    he will get from others in the casino

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