Is Ameritrade using Ninja Trader a good platform?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by lacloudchaser, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Folks, sems the toughest part of setting up to go live (dytrding) is the right data-broker-cart combo!!

    Been day trading-training for months and want to go live, but my current broker is Ameritrade, there have been some posts about their datafeed...

    I like Ninja Traders platform for such tools as execution strategies, trade from chrt, their execution DOM.

    I found LightSpeed to be highly rated, but they aren't linked up with Ninjatrader for execution. Only options with ninjatrader at MB, IB and Ameritrade. MB/IB are both taking some heavy lumps in the forums.

    Any opinion with the ameritrade-ninja platform for speed, accuracy of data and fills? One way commissions are $3.50 at AMtrade as a pattern daytrader, lightspeed is $3.95.

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    Ameritrade over MB or IB for daytrading?!? No way.

    BTW, I have accounts with all three but I don't use NinjaTrader.
  3. Day trade is the single minded goal, some swing trading - but 100 % of the focus and training has been on intraday trading of 100-1000 share lots. Also have been training in futures.

    I guess my frustration in finding a broker and platform is focusing in the execution platform/software. I've buried my nose in books, training videos and chart reading so much I thought EVERYONE was using some form of mouse based click on price/chart and orders are sent with easily set up automated buy/sellstop/profit target order strategies, all visual, all fast. The only software I found was ninja trader at a hefty cost and has limited brokers it will interface with (one major one is IB, but man have they taken it on the chin for poor customer service, system downs, data issues, I want to move my capitol once). I just started looking at lightspeed and it seems to be nailing the reviews, called them and they were very responsive (never test with sales dept, "sales" always are responsive - except IB btw - since their selling something, called tech support). Ninja trader is adding another equity broker (they have IB now, I told them to look at lightspeed) but they are fielding a 64 bit version 7.0 of their platform and arent adding another broker until thats squared away...

    So I know this is a basic question, but from training at ameritrade (had them from years back before) I'm a firm believer that when you reduce typing at speed, reduce filling out online forms your focusing on the chart data, i.e., any inputs and full time day trader platform recommendations are helpful.

    Best raw data feed for cost? IQ?

    Thanks All, just looking for your experience,