Is America morally bankrupt

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Is America morally bankrupt?

  1. Yes, America is morally bankrupt. You don't know the half of it

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  2. No, America is not morally bankrupt. It is that there is more information out there and it just seem

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  3. I don't know

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  4. I don't care

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  2. As the gov't micro manages our life (the nanny) most of the moral excuses fall into the category of "No one said I couldn't do this".

    Dumbing down a generation, everything has to be spelled out. This is now expected.

    Secondly, people do whatever they want, when confronted they say "All you had to do was ask and I won't do it anymore".

    Moral issues that previous generations took for granted are latent.

    Am I still optimistic? More than ever. The current economic meltdown will continue to flush out the bad apples.
  3. Meltdown? Don't you read the news? It's all blue skies and green shoots from here on in!
  4. 3121


    Would you consider sex out of wedlock?

    Do you covet thy neighbors wife?

    do you covet anything thy neighbor has?

    you are morally bankrupt. welcome to america :)
  5. do you covet anything thy neighbor has?

    My neighbor has some real nice flowers. My wife commented on them last year and this year he brought over a dozen bulbs.
    He said "You don't need to water them or fertilize them, just put them in the ground".

    Just by chance I was out very very early one morning and there he was sprinkling fertilizer on them. I caught the bastard red handed. I bet he waters them too when I ain't looking. What a fuckin fuck.
  6. over half the country feels it's perfectly acceptable to cannibalize human embryos for consumption ... actually, they feel it is a moral imperative to cannibalize human embryos

    all bets are off

    you'll know the end is near when embryonic stem cells wind up in cosmetics, or worse, Nancy Pelosi is injecting them into her face
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    your characterization is not only incorrect but crafted to inflame negative opinion.

    stem cell's are the key to end suffering and prolong life.
  8. USA is financially bankrupt.
  9. when a country makes up the evidence to justify invading another country i consider that morally bankrupt.
  10. No. I vote for # 2. I think the internet is showing something that was always exhisted, so now the internet can make corruption hard to hide.

    For Nutmeg. Do you fertilize the flowers bulb now? :p
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