Is america founded on christian ideals?

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    You are not a free thinker.

    At the time of the constitutional converntion. 9 of the states had either established religion or supported.

    Religion was taught in public schools... and many of the states required that you believe in God or Jesus to hold public offer.

    Some states even had their own state favored branch of christianity.

    Those states insisted that the U.S. could not establish a federal religion because they did not want the U.S. to interfere with their rights as a state.

    If you book does not explain that --- it is not telling the truth.
  2. The founding fathers didnt want the government to tell the people how they could practice their religion, but it ended up happening anyway. They never intended for the united states to be an athiest nation because if we are not a Christian nation, then we are atheist by default.

    You are not a free thinker. You are brainwashed by the atheists. In fact Christians are more free thinkers than you are. You wont believe all the historical documentation that is everywhere that this nation was founded on christian beliefs, but you will run straight to darwin and believe that we all evolved from monkeys. You dont ask for a time machine to see if thats true. The fact will only believe something if the theory doesnt have God in it. Look how fast you ran to some secular book that is ranked #433,000 (that means they sell about 1 book per week) You believe that book just because it goes with what you want to believe, not by what the truth is. That surely isnt free thinking.

    In fact...maybe you should've read some of the reviews before putting that book up...heres one...

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    If you believe this then I have some oceanfront land in Arizona...., July 5, 2009
    By E. Harris "End-Times" (Kansas City) - See all my reviews

    This review is from: The Godless Constitution: The Case Against Religious Correctness (Hardcover)
    I admit the subject matter (the USA founded as a Christian nation) is polarizing, yet it even more difficult to be objective when the authors admit they have no footnotes, i.e. no documention for their opinions. In other words, it is open season to distort, twist or even make stuff up, and not have to worry about the truth of their statements. (If I'd have written a paper for my Comp 101 class with no footnotes, I'd get an 'F' or maybe even a zero). So, why no documentation? Is it because the authors feel they've reached a level where their enlightened, philosophical views are beyond question or are above the scrutiny of good journalism ...were they just lazy? Whatever. Even the title of the book has an oxy-moron which belies the credibility of their basic argument... a "moral" defense of the "secular" state... do you see it? If you do, then you most likely already know the book is a waste of time.. If you do not, then I strongly caution you to be wary of the con artists of the new milennium.

    That review says it all. No footnotes, no documentation...just their opinion. You fell for their con, freethinker.
  3. they why were christian leaders of the time complaining that god was intentionally left out of the constitution?
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    And the response from the leaders was to leave it up to the states.
    Exactly the point.
    The federal constitution had negative freedoms as Obama has said although I don't agree with is conclusions.

    Powers not granted to the fed were left to the states.

    And to make it more clear they enacted the bill of rights. The states were worried the feds would adopt a National Church and take away states rights.