Is America a plutocracy?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ricter, Dec 21, 2010.

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    "The answer to the question “Is America a plutocracy?” might seem either trivial or obvious depending on how one defines the term. Plutocracy, says the dictionary, simply means “rule by the rich.” If the query is taken literally to mean that the non-rich—the vast majority of American citizens—have no influence in American democracy, or that the country is self-consciously ruled by some hidden collusive elite, the answer is obviously “no.” On the other hand, if the question is taken to mean, “Do the wealthy have disproportionate political influence in the United States?” then the answer is obviously “yes”, and that answer would qualify as one of the most unsurprising imaginable. Wealthy people have had disproportionate influence in most polities at most times in history..."

  2. Rush Limbaugh mentioned the ruling class, and Sarah Palin is rejected because she is not part of the ruling class.

    Obama doesn't seem to be part of the ruling class, so I'll guess he's just being used as an instrument. [​IMG]