Is Alex Jones anti-semetic?

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  1. Judge for yourself by listening to his podcast with Former CIA Official Bill Christison (Episode #3). Some interesting perspectives from the guests and host.

    Alex Jones podcasts

    What say you?
  2. Anyone who is not Jewish who criticises or is understood to criticises anything done by anyone with any amount of Jewish blood practicing or not is in serious danger of being accused, judged and proven guilty in the court of public opinion of being an anti-semite IMO

  3. i say that you are pathetic: jews are amongst the raciest people on earth, they dont even allow women to marry a non-jew in their state. go fucking figure.
  4. hello Bitstream,

    If you noticed, I didn't offer an opinion or pass on a judgment; was just soliciting debate and opinions on someone (AJ) who has a cult-like following and who is expressing/criticizing Israel openly.

    Btw, do you agree with his and the guests' viewpoints?

    Let's put the name-calling aside - no need for it. Happy new year.
  5. then why the hell do u ask if he is antisemitic, especially in your thread title, when he clearly isnt. this is a widely used tactic by fanatic israelities to demean everyone that is critical of their govt.

    of course i agree, who bloody wouldnt. i know in your country it aint but israeli occupation of palestine is well studied in schools as it should be.
  6. So did they teach you in school that according to UN resolution 242 (aka land for peace) in order to end the occupation the arab world is required to end the state of belligerency, recognize Israel, negotiate secure borders and provide security guarantees? Did they teach you in school that the arab world rejected the resolution when it passed in 1967 and has been unwilling to comply with it ever since? Or you were so busy burning american and israeli flags that you had to skip a couple of classes?
  7. achilles28


    A). What makes Alex Jones' following "cult like"?

    B) What evidence do you have that would even suggest he's an anti semite?

    You think anyone that's got jewish blood is immune from perpetrating evil?


  8. He does have a following which is comprised of anti-government supporters. It isn't mainstream as of yet, wouldn't you agree?

    Didn't suggest he's one; was only inquiring on whether his criticism of Israeli policies would garner him such label here in the US.

  9. excuse moi but its your country that has a tradition
    of burning flags not mine.
  10. achilles28


    Alex is anti Statist. Not anti Government.

    Had Alex (and his followers) lived during Washington or Jackson's Presidency, by your own definition, they'd be decidedly 'pro Government'.

    You would do well to educate yourself on the difference.

    Any negative reference made about Jews - however factual or true - invariably earns its maker the tired distinction of being an anti semite.

    If you listen to Alex at any length, you'll find he's neither racist or xenophobic. Rather, he speaks out against tyranny and corruption, which in some cases was perpetrated by people who happed to be Jewish.

    Stop the press.
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