Is Alex Gerchik is a super famous trades on NYSE?

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Do you know who is Alex Gerchik?

  1. Yeah mah! He is da uber tradex!

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  2. Nop man, sorry, never heard about such "famous trading star"......

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  1. Imba


    Im just curious. How much of you, traders who mostly live in US, ever heard of such person?

    On one of russian webboards (about trading ofc) we`ve have a lots of discussion about one (mysterious for me) person.

    Alex Gerchik. Russian.
    Last 10+++ years position: day trader on NYSE.

    The legends tells us, that he is quite famous over the world, because he doesnt (caution!) have a single loosibng month for the last 10 years ofdaytrading on NYSE.......

    On these days he (ofc... what else must he do?) lead a a bunch of "i`ll teach oyu how to be a supreme trader" lections in Russia and Ukraine.

    Weird thing, i wasnt collect any interesting info about hom on google, except his role in a famous clown-slyle film "WallStreet Warriors".

    So, after all, i`ve just decide, that.....

    if that person is such a uber famous NYSE trader, most of you should at least know him...a little.

    so, do you know who is Alex Gerchik?
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  2. Wasn't he on that show Wall Street Warriors?
  3. Imba


    yep. Its him.

    On a first season.
  4. Ahahahahaha!

    OMG I know him. He used to run LLC groups at Worldco & Hold. He acted like the biggest hotshot ever back in the days when a monkey could make big dollars.

    He had one strategy, which involved him putting in orders pre-open, something that took him an extraordinary long time to do, god only knows why. He did not seem retarded, but when it came to that, he sure acted like it.

    Once the daytrading landscape got more competitive, around 2004-2005, he basically ended up just running LLC groups & collecting commission overrides.

    Bottom line, he does not really know how to trade, he caught the good times and then had to resort to being a salesman. The fact that he is selling snakeoil seminars should have been a big hint that he is full of shit.
  5. Mnphats


    LOL :D Super famous not just famous.
  6. Imba


    Well guys, you may not believe me, but thats quite a serious post really.

    Without any king of aggression, flame-trolling and anything like that.

    All we want to know, is whenever in he can be trusted for the words of his nowadays advertising company (about his VIP trading course. 2 days. 1k bucks.) or not.

  7. Uhm, does not matter what the name is of the salesman, it should be well established that it's not to be trusted.

    If his course is so great, why sell the info instead of running your own small scale operation to make riches upon riches.
  8. nyse1998


    Anaconda,info that you puted here is wrong.I worked with Gerchik in Worldco since 1998.All the money he has maid ,he maid on his own trading. He did not start the group till 2002 so don’t lie here.You want to tell us that Eugene Cornic or Ted Hilley also full of shit? Everybody at Worldco respect Gerchik no education self maid...Did you ever maid 10% what Gerchik maid? in 2000 Gerchik maid 2.000.000 just in his account at Worlldco,pure trading.He consistently maid money ,and by the way still making now.Than he moved to Hold,at Hold he was not active alot in 2003 but then start again.You can ask anybody in the street now who is a traider, not like you ,that Gerchik makes a lot of money now from traiding.I don’t know much about his seminars,but i know he is very good trader.Why don’t you ask people who worked with him or who knows him.He was always helping us to survive,style changed he trades swing.I spoke to Alex about 2 month ago.Ask traiders who worked with him,they will tell you he maid money in trading not on groups , at least i survive thanks to him.He is not the best on the street ,there is many more better than him but Steven Shonfield {if you know who he is} was after Alex for 3 years.Its just show that you don’t know anything about Alex.

    And the most important he never ever screwed anybody like others in our industry i know guys working for him for 6-7 years and stayed with him.The most honest man at least i know.Anyway good luck to all. Cant even read this crap...
  9. Div_Arb


    Toychna - Alex Gerchick goluboy chelovek
  10. nyse1998 go eat your Borscht!
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