Is Alan Farley senile?

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  1. He claims he banked on GE today, and links to his article here

    BUT, this is what he said in the piece . on 10/10

    GE stock has dropped to a two-year low, testing the patience and pocketbooks of long-term shareholders. The stock is now extremely oversold and trading less than 1.5 points above strong support near $22.50, advising patience until that level gets broken. At that point, it makes perfect sense to lick your wounds and abandon ship. (

    Since when does

    abandon ship.
    mean buy?
  2. ironchef


    If a pro like him said abandon ship, it means buy for us small mom and pop retail traders. Otherwise who is he going to sell to?
  3. But he claims he bought the dip.
    And proudly links his article.
    Thats y I ask, senile?
  4. ironchef


    I see your points.

    In any case is GE a buy at this price?

  5. I'm not inclined to bottom fish, but that was likely a capitulation selloff today, at least short term
  6. on Friday

    Alan Farley @msttrader
    Thinking GOOD DAY to buy $GE for LT accts. At harmonic target.

    Then he says

    Alan Farley @msttrader
    bought at 22.09 and 21.54, sold at 22.90

    So long term is 1 hour??

  7. That's y i don't bottom fysh . Retested and lost the stank low. The garbage couldn't even hold a rally for 1 day. Put buyers who expired FRI now thinking they were robbed

    Bargain hunters now wishing they slept late Friday.
  8. GE Total disaster . Your money might as well be in a pink sheet fraud.

    Proud to have posted this as an example of a steaming turd , right here on good old ET , weeks ago . And that makes me 1 for 1 , no cherry pick

    While the masters of the universe post 1000 times and not a single actual trade.
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  10. LOL. I am the best. Proved. Read that post two back
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