Is Al Gore a bonesman (member of skull and bones) for those who don't know USA

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ex_broker, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Is Al Gore a brother you know what I mean

    because if he isn't well, that is not good.

    if he will actually put the good of country ahead of good for few of his brothers

    well we can't have that can we. :cool:

    Bush sure as hell IS a bonesman, I wish we could have brothers like Bush rule us forever.

    I wish Bush could live forever and rule us until second coming of Jesus.

    (I don't think I ever wrote something like this in my life) :p
  2. The only relevant question is this.

    Which ex-member of ET are you, ex_broker?

    Anyone care to guess? Let's make this thread about which nutbag ex_broker really is.

    The one sentence style is familiar... now who could this be?
  3. trader Nik

    you'd like to turn this thread around wouldn't you

    are you a Bush lover,

    do you spend your nights crying because that skull and bones guy will be leaving white house

    what makes you truly pathetic is that you aren't extremely wealthy

    if you were you could be forgiven for liking bush
  4. Ex broker is just another moonbat who has to hide behind yet another alias.

    How sad.
  5. hapa man, do you lick president's balls

    I bet you do :cool:

    its interesting how idiots like you, NEVER address the issue

    is Al Gore a bonesman like Bush

    what does it even mean to be a bonesman, where does loyalty lie.

    you god damn stupid fcuks.....All of you.

    how you people manage to be smart enough to make money off the markets is beyond me

    oh wait you don't
  6. Why are you so scared?

    Why are you so scared to tell us what other names you post under here at ET?

    What do you have to hide from everyone?

    How many other usernames do you have here?

    Why do you use so many different identities here? Were you banned?
  7. Trader Nik

    why are you so scared

    why are you scared to address the issue of this thread

    why do you hide behind other unrelated topics

    why do you avoid saying a word on Bush and Al Gore

    which one is a bonesman

    buddy, go fcuk your president.
  8. i find it disgusting that leaders potray themselves as conservatives christians and then enjoy attending mock[?] human sacrifices to molech. most folks know, especially the media and it's all extensively documented: hundreds of mainstream articles, photos, books, and by many statesmen own admissions in their own biographies, and of course the infamous infiltration of the bohemian grove by aj back in 2000, biggest smoking gun of them's all on tape and it's not just confined to americans leaders. we put trust into people worshipping satan and deeply involved into the occult to lead our nations. how do u figure that out. nobody asks questions, obviously....way to uncomfortable.
  9. ex broker,

    Allow me to speak in language you may understand:

    Please to be removing your cranium from your rectum.

    Allah Akbar!!
  10. hapaboy, what is the matter with you boy

    you are still not addressing the issue

    Is Al Gore bonesman like Bush

    ANSWER the god damn question instead of hiding behind insults rectum
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