Is ACM some kind of ECN type broker?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by jm73, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. jm73


    I just talked to them and they claimed that their trading desk was for support only.

    Client's orders go directly to the bank they deal with (STP).

    Anyone have any experience with them?

  2. yes... check my earlier posts, run a search on 'acm'... they are no ECN thats for sure, and if not their dealing desk then be certain that their MM's dealing desk is waiting for you :)))

  3. I am not sure about ACM, but if you want some ECN then go with IB, Hotspot, Currenex etc...

    Ps whatever you do dont go with SAXO I stoped trading altogether (at least for a while because of SAXO manipulation !!!! )
  4. $$$lover


    So we still don't know this company well....anybody???? is great that you can trade forex on the web, withouth downloading anything.....does anyone know if anyone else has that feature??????? usual much appreciated:D
  5. ain't no nothin need download with oanda neither
  6. hagadol


    I have had an account with ACM since the start of the year, without any problems.

    There has been some negative threads about them (and most of the others too), though on my experience, I give them the thumbs up.

    The only issues is the Java software sometimes locks up and it takes a few minutes to log back in.
  7. From the moment you enter a position , they move the price
    against you..if you are scalping, so in fact you qre trading
    at a higher spread then displayed