Is AAPL significantly undervalued?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Ghost of Cutten, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. 23 times earnings, long-term growth could easily be 20-25% per annum. Blue chips growing at that rate often command multiples in the 35-50 range in a bull market. Is AAPL cheap here?
  2. Name one.
  3. yes
  4. Oh I think Apple is now a very crowded trade with everyone and their brother grabbing shares. I think from a long term perspective its going to go up, but for the next 3-6 months its going to take a good dump.

    Watch and learn how a real trader performs his magic. BTW, I think the ghost of cutten should be mining Gold and not pumping Apple. The miners are about to fly....

    Load up on the NG, load up on the PAL. Sprinkle in a little GDX and EGO for good measure. Remember the lesson I am teaching today. When everyone's attention is diverted away from a sector, then thats the one you should be loading up on. While everyone has their IPOD, IPHONE and IPAD jammed up their ass, thats the time to sell...


  5. you have the audacity to talk about apple being a crowded trade but you're telling people to buy into gold miners? Gold is the most overbought and crowded trade out there. You're a moron.
  6. Let me interrupt this thread for a public service announcement. I know you guys may think I am a "troll", but I am really trying to protect your accounts from the mis-information that you read on this site.

    ATTENTION: Apple is right now falling through that trap door as predicted by myself right here on this site. This is a good time to get out. Get out now and go short!

  7. Ah re-live the year 1999 all over again. Those were the days! :cool:
  8. spinn


    damn I really wish you geniuses traded, I need the money. Retaildaytrsder is the only person on this site who actually trades.
  9. I'm long 1k AAPL, feel free to fade me.
  10. From $90 right? This site is such a comedy.
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