Is a word considered a "Free Good"

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  1. Earlier schools of economic thought proposed a third type of free good: resources that are so abundant in nature that there is enough for everyone to have as much as they want. Examples in textbooks included fresh water and the air that we breathe. However, these are now regarded as common goods because competition for them is rivalrous.

    Copyrights and patents have the effect of converting some goods to scarce goods by law. Although these goods are free goods (in the economic sense) once they have been produced, they do require scarce resources, such as skilled labour, to create them in the first place. Thus these laws are sometimes used to give exclusive rights to the creators of such "intellectual property" in order to encourage resources to be appropriately allocated to these activities.<>

    So would a single word be considered a free good?
  2. give exclusive rights to the creators of such "intellectual property"


    Single phrase such as in "YOUR FIRED". In essence is a Free Good, based on the theory. Hence, that is why Idiot Trumpt Couldn't claim it as Intellectual Property.

    Individual Words that are already in our "Native" language are free goods as are some common phrases. Nobody can claim them as the orginal author is dead.

    however the word SONIQUARIUM. This is not a free word as it is the name of my record label. My lawyer did an extensive search for a year, to trade mark the name. It is now Intellectual Property and I own that word. There was one other person in the entire world that had that name. However, he was no where to be found and we served him papers saying that I was taking over the name. No response, I had to wait for the time required by law.....which was months and a hand full of attempted communication. End Result, I am the proud owner of the word SONIQUARIUM.

    However, every day common words, that have been written since the birth of the english language, free Goods. As there is public publication of the words with established time lines and tran-contential proof of writtings.

    Just like a Beat. If I make a beat, combination of sounds steaming from the foundation of "Music" and I copy write that "BEAT". It's mine, I own it. However, I do not own the "Fundamental" sound that I built upon persa. Others can use that Same "Fundamental" sound and tweek it to something else and "Copy write" that as well.

    Words put together to construct a sentance, lyrics, meaning, etc by an individual can either be free or not free. But the Letters used are all ways free goods.