Is a White House coup about to take place?

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  1. I found this in another forum.

    I recently posted a thread that contained links to an interview with a supposed White House insider who said that Obama was essentially off his rocker. This thread by another source contains a lot of interesting information about what is going on inside the White House. As with the other thread, I have no idea if this information is accurate or not so consider the sources.
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    It took them this long to figure it out? I knew it in 2008.
  3. Very interesting and I'm sure not too shocking to those who stood against this idiot during his campaigning.
  4. Something big is going to happen. There is always a long silence before a massive storm.
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    rofl...yeah, biden is going to remove the president from office. haha...

    what a farce
  6. Is it starting:

    An Indian official introduced President Obama today as “a fellow Kenyan” today in Mumbai.
    Jake Tapper reported:
  7. Another media dump from the weekend:

    Barack Obama Would Sneak Off to Koran Classes Says Former Teacher
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, November 7, 2010, 5:06 PM

    After years in the spotlight and two years in the White House a media outlet is finally reporting on Barack Obama’s Muslim youth.

    The Australian reported, via Free Republic:
    Both Barack Obama’s father and step-father were Muslim.
  8. Bugscoe's jihad on Obama continues...
  9. Take your pink panties off and wipe your tears.
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