is a mans desire for sex stronger than drug craving

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  1. is sex urge stronger than drug addiction. if you think about men want sex all the time and are prepared to do terrible things to get it. greed for example is partly created by the need for money to get women. so men do terrible things to get it. like drug addicts. although men can stop it by masterbating if it was not for this would it be worse than drugs.

    think about men work for money and pay for women to live off them. when have you ever seen a woman work a normal job and pay eighty or ninety percent of disposable income on men. never.

    so are women like immoral drug dealers by exploiting this.

    if any of you have been addicted to drugs is it stronger urge than.




    like i said you can stop sex by manual means unlike drugs is the urge stronger or not.
  2. You could probably head off in a dozen directions with that question.

    People with plenty of money to buy all the sex they want, still become drug users eventually replacing the desire for sex with the desire for drugs.

    What if sex and drugs are symbols of power. Which one will make you feel more powerful?

    If sex is a basic need, people give up eating to take drugs, why not sex?

    If sex releases chemicals (ie endorphines) in the brain to make you feel good, drugs are probably a short cut without the hassle.

    So on and so forth....
  3. Drugs are way stronger than any natural thing, that is why many prostitutes, strippers and others are cokeheads(and other things) too.

    Women are the least important and the easiest thing you get with money. People earn more money for the ego first and foremost.

    It is highly unlikely that the desire to get more tail motivates someone earning 5 mil a year to earn 500 mil a year.
  4. I've been addicted to smoking and booze.
    Kicked both of them. Still addicted to sex.:D
  5. Go ask a heroin addict which is craving is stronger - drugs or sex. The answer is a no brainer.
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    yes but the average male thinks more about ASS than Smoking from a pipe. I know of maybe 1 or 2 people who have used herion in my lifetime, yet I know many who want a piece of ass all day and night... :D
  7. for man sexual pleasure is almost always composed of at least 2 pleasures, the release of endorphins upon stimulation, ending with the pleasure of releasing semen (something like pissing, the longer you hold your piss, the more the pleasure of relieving from the pain, for the pain grows as the piss compounds in the bladder), and the pleasure of exercising some form of power/control* over another entity, ie using some part of a beautiful girl's body to stimulate oneself (note that the girl being beautiful makes the pleasure driven greater, because supposedly a beautiful girl is in more demand and so harder to obtain)

    so in most cases drugs can provide far greater pleasure than the chemicals released from sexual activity can provide, but they can't feed the ego, unless they make the person highly delusional to a point where he actually comes to believe he is some super entity

    so it depends, on including but not limited to, the quality of the sex he hopes to be getting in place of the drug, the type of the drug and ...

    *(the desire for self is the root of all desires, from this desire stems the first and base desire, the desire for power/control, because it is through absolute power that the self can destroy and create everything at will, and so become the sole self at will, all other desires are nothing but a manifestation of the base desire, in basic words, it is the fight for power and more power and even more power ...)
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    Um, but what about the ultimate craving???

    Having sex while on drugs :D
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  10. ya why do we have to choose :D
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